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Welcome to Delby Commerce!

Delby Commerce is an international trade office specialized in food. Delby Commerce mainly focuses on meat and frozen products.

Delby Commerce, quality is in our basic principles

Our basic principles for an effective result consist of: knowledge, craftsmanship, quality, an extensive range, low prices and transparency, in which the individual wishes of our customers are central. We cordially invite you to discuss the many delivery options of food and frozen products with us.

Succes for all interested parties

Delby Commerce is authentic in its way of doing business. Authentic in relation to buyers and manufacturers. That means a reliable added value for business relations, and years of collaboration with success for all parties involved.

Our promises to you..

We can promise you quality products.

Cost reduction

We can promise you low prices, continuously

Easy purchasing

So you can focus on your sales

Trading power

Even with smaller orders, the price remains low

Fast delivery

We can promise you continuous delivery