We are…

Delby Commerce has been an international trade office in food since 2014. Delby Commerce is a family business that deals with all kinds of food trade. Delby Commerce mainly focuses on fresh and frozen products, all for a sharply calculated price. Our suppliers are all certified and meet the highest quality requirements. Our team consists of specialists from various fields. Our specialized employees take care of sales to wholesalers, retail, supermarkets and trading companies throughout Europe.

Our strength


Service is the strength of our organization.

All special wishes of our customers in the sense of packaging, delivery and distinction are realized as well as possible. Because of this we can report every step of the production process to our customer, so our margin of error is very low and we are able to adjust specific requirements at any time if necessary.

Our core


Our complete range meets the strict quality requirements of Delby Commerce from cultivation to packaging or processing up to the delivery to our customers worldwide. The implementation of all customer requirements and requirements with regard to these processes has been realized by our team of experts represented in the entire chain. In addition, all processes are continuously monitored.

Our specialty


Both retail and producers place great value on a professional alignment within our company. Delby Commerce offers this in its broad network with both producers and customers, who can switch effortlessly thanks to years of cooperation in order to be able to deliver the best of the market every day for a fair, competitive price in the desired quantity and form to all our customers

What we trade


Types of meat

We’re specialized in beef,

But of course we also supply other types of meat.

Overstock frozen products

Ready meals, pizzas, ice cream and snacks

Working with Delby Commerce guarantees


Certainty: We can promise you quality products

Trading power: Even with smaller orders, the price remains low

Easy purchasing: So you can focus on your sales

Cost reduction: We can promise you low prices, continuously

Fast delivery: We can promise you continuous delivery



We would like to explain by phone or by mail what we can do for your organization. You can contact us on the following information:


Adres: Am Berghang 70 | D-48455 Bad Bentheim